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Master Ronald Bergan

The Journey of Ronald Bergan

The Journey of Ronald Bergan Tyler's Mum
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The Journey of Ronald Bergan- Head Instructor & Owner of HIM DO Tae Kwon Do Academy

Ronald Bergan’s Journey like all began with a single step, but after each step came another some provided a positive provision to see himself grow both physically & mentally within the Tae Kwon Do movement, and some turn out to be minor setbacks along his journey all in which he used as learning curves to create the Head Instructor and Club owner he is today- this is his journey

During my years in the Air Force I decided to take up Martial Arts as a sport. First martial arts I participated in was Judo moving onto Jujitsu. I then started Tae Kwon Do as a way of fitness but also as a form of Injury management to cope with the many back strains and problems faced with my occupation. Within the first six months of training I felt a major improvement to both my physical and mental wellbeing.

I joined my local ITF academy in 1994, which was one of the biggest ITF clubs in Australia. Within this club I trained and graded moving my way through to one belt of becoming a qualified black belt holder. My first ever grading saw myself triple graded due to the degree and performance of skill and knowledge I was given throughout my training from my Instructors.

I then moved to another local ITF club in 1996 that was involved in tournaments. This allowed me to see the other side of Tae Kwon Do, giving me the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to compete with other competitors in tournaments held locally and state wide. Within my involvement with this club, I achieved my black belt in 1997 following instructing with this Club for the next 2years.

Moving to another club I trained with them for 8years, this saw me achieve my 2nd Dan in 2000, and ran classes with this Club. Once moving from Marks Point to Nelson Bay in 2002, I still continued to travel 80minutes each way twice a week to Marks Point to train whilst I started to teach classes at Nelson Bay. I decided to Hand over the class to another Instructor from the club, which discontinued operating after 2months of operation by this instructor.

I opened up classes four nights a week at Anna Bay and Tomaree. During this time, my classes continued to grow with 30+ students, competing in both Newcastle and Sydney competitions, with my students and myself. I also took students to Auckland New Zealand, for competition. In all competitions my students continued to use their skills and knowledge’s to take out a large proportion of Gold medals. I myself also competed in these competition wining Gold medals in various events including, sparring, power breaking, self defence, team & individual poomsae and technical breaking.

For the reasons about politics, waiting time for grading’s and a Head Instructor saying “What can I teach you when I wanted Private tuition” made me start to think of looking for another avenue and opportunity to still continue to learn, gain skills for my much loved passion of Tae Kwon Do.

In 2008 I was competing in Melbourne Masters when I met the President of both NSW and Australian Tae Kwon Do. Without even knowing the NSW President turned out to be an old TKD friend. He could not believe I was at the same rank, and being held back for so long. So he had no problems offering a promotion due to the amount of time I was held back grading, and how I should be at a higher rank due to my time and training in Tae kwon do.

After the competition in Melbourne, I returned home thinking of how I needed to progress my Tae Kwon Do passion. I was on the phone to my web mentor when he suggested I start my own business and register it. He could see that I had no direction as I was getting held back too much. So I decided it was time to create my dream, create that next step.

I decided to think of a name for my club, I wanted a name that represented energy and way of life of martial arts in Tae Kwon Do in Korean. So HIM DO was created. I started classes that were running 4nights a week and also private training lessons on Saturday mornings.

I had always doubted owning my own club, due to the constant brain wash over the years from people who saw that Tae Kwon Do was a way of money making, instead of a club that promotes the people and progresses them with dedication in Tae kwon do.

With my club progressing, and training continuing 4nights a week, I believed it was needed for students to learn both WTF and ITF patterns, so that my students can move without hassle in Tae Kwon Do. Owning my own school allowed me to run a school in such a way. I was graded to 3rd Dan with WTF and ITF; due to the recognition of knowing ITF patterns. Since moving to WTF Tae Kwon Do allowed me to train with many masters- I was never given this opportunity before.

My web Mentor and I worked together to create a website designed to inspire potential students, motivate my students and establish a place for both students and public to view that latest photos, stories, news and training information.

My next dream was to expand my love for Tae Kwon Do, and the further potential that HIM DO club could have. This is where I believed that there was potential to build a studio, to own the first ever Martial Arts Studio in Port Stephens. After months of planning and building … 6months later a State of Art Martial Arts Studio was built and opened on the 24th July 2011 in Salamander Bay.

Now today I instruct morning, junior classes and night time classes, along with private lessons in my new equipped Martial Arts Studio. I also am heavily involved in the local community teaching Self Defence and Martial Arts through School Sport Programs, OOSH and also Special Education Sport, during school terms. I am currently a level 3 referee and level 2 coach with Australian Taekwondo. With my passion and love for Tae Kwon Do growing by the day, Him Do has seen students from all ages joining and being part of my journey. I achieved my 4th Dan in 2013, and also my 4th Dan in TaekwonKumdo.

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