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Rules of the Academy


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At Him Do Students learn both World Taekwondo Federation and International Taekwondo Federation Patterns.

The Taekwondo Poomsae/Hyungs is an organised form which includes techniques of blocking and attacking in a sequence, moving in certain directions. There are a series of Poomsae/Hyungs from white belt up to advanced black belt. The first thing one learns is the Poomsae/Hyungs directions in which you will be going. Then you learn the individual techniques in the sequence and practice repeatedly to build speed. Speed in a Poomsae/Hyungs applies only to the execution of the techniques themselves and not to the amount of time required to perform the entire Poomsae/Hyungs. Next you learn the instantly stop between techniques, without shaking. At this point, smoothly repeat the Poomsae/Hyungs over and over again until it becomes a second nature.

Poomsae/Hyungs practice is considered extremely important by Taekwondo Instructors. It comprises 40-50% of testing requirements. It is impossible for the student to understand the art of Taekwondo without understanding Poomsae/Hyungs. The forms are learned in order as the student's ability prepares them to assimilate more advanced forms.

Each Poomsae/Hyungs has its own distance essence and character. Each is understood in terms of an organic whole rather than as an assortment of separate techniques. In addition to improving and developing the students understanding of the technical aspects of Taekwondo ie- how to respond to and defend against multiple attacks from different situations; Poomsae/Hyungs also trains the student's mind and spirit.


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