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Student of the Month

Each Month a Junior & Senior Student is picked by the Instructor for Student of the Month Achievement.

Students are encouraged to excel in class and representing Him Do in competitions, and are picked on a number of factors including: Attendances, Effort, Improvement and also excelling in the five Taekwondo Tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perserverance, Self Control & Indomitable Spirit.

Congratulations to 2015 Student of the Month Achievers:

February 2015: Riley Martin & Luke Martin

March 2015: Jet Mc Cann & Cody Pool

April 2015: Kellen Royes & Jake Edwards

May 2015: William Hallett & Petra Abdelmalek




States 2013

SALAMANDER Bay siblings Jasmine, 10, Ryan, 8, and Flynn Donaldson, 6, all returned home from their first taekwondo tournament with medals around their necks.

The students of master Ronald Bergan's Him-Do Tae Kwon Do Academy competed in a state title event held in Sydney.

It was their first tournament following more than a year of training and the siblings, all yellow belts in taekwondo, did well in poomsae and sparring.

Jasmine and Ryan took away gold in the team poomsae and sibling poomsae events. Ryan and Flynn individually competed in sparring, taking home a bronze and silver medal respectively.

The children's mother, Eileen Donaldson, said it was a big day, leaving for Sydney at 5am and returning home at 3.30pm.

"For their first tournament they did fantastic," she said.


Newcastle Competition 2013

Congratulations to Team Him Do representing the club at the Universal Taekwondo Competition in Newcastle in July 2013.

It was Marcus first competition who won Gold in Sparring & Silver in Technical breaking, Matthew won Gold in Team Poomsae, Sparring, Individual Poomsae & Silver in Technical Breaking. Ayla won gold in Team Poomsae & Silver in Individual Poomsae, and Peter won Gold in Team Poomsae & Individual Poomsae & Silver in Technical breaking.

Forster Championship 2013

Well done to Team Him Do who competed in the Forster Championship 2013- bringing home 15 medals in total of 15 events participated in. This was a great beginners competition with many of the competitors from Team Him Do competing in their first ever competition.

Congratulations to Imogen winning Gold in Sparring & in technical breaking, Jordan winning Gold in Creative Poomsae & Silver in Sparring & Technical breaking, Terry winning Gold in Technical Breaking, Self defence & Individual Poomsae, Warren winning Gold in Sparring & Technical Breaking, Matthew winning Gold in Breaking, Ayla winning Gold in Individual Poomsae, Peter winning Silver in Individual Poomsae & Self Defence & Liz winning Bronze in Individual Poomsae.

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